Crafted in pursuit of perfection with an obsession for the sea…

Born from over 25 years of endeavourment Radha Pedersen invites the discerning viewer back to a time where hand-craftsmanship was celebrated. Being the sole designer and crafts-person, Radha’s collections are created in a micro environment using only the finest materials ensuring a distinct and intimate experience.

All precious metals are carefully sourced to ensure quality, are solid in nature and never just plating. The timber creations are all hand carved from A-grade, seasoned timbers, such as the rare Huon Pine and White Beech. Only premium oils are used to finish, never varnish.

Authenticated by the salt that runs through his veins these limited edition creations call from the ocean’s depths challenging the adventurous to seek and celebrate new realms.


Radha Pedersen is an interesting case of when a name intrinsically links one to their work and life. Radha is a name of Vaishnava Hindu tradition that acknowledges the self as spirit not mater; eternal not temporary, while his surname and bloodline originate from the rich seafaring countries of the Netherlands and Norway respectively.

Radha grew up surfing the beaches of Gold Coast and sailing the waters of Moreton Bay. From a young age he felt a synergy with the ocean, an affiliation that has never waned. Still surfing and sailing in his adulthood the ocean is an integral part of his life. So to is his practise of Vaishanva Hinduism. Using the ocean as a symbolic narrative Radha’s creations begin with life’s infinite journey in mind.

At the age of twelve, over 25 years ago, Radha began his passionate journey into the world of sculpture when he curiously picked up a piece of pine and a paper blade. A natural attraction towards wood carving was unearthed, along with a remarkable natural talent. Fast forward into adult life and having primarily worked in the field of private commissions since turning professional in 2010, Radha decided to open his works up to a wider audience. Not wanting to sacrifice the intimacy found in the exclusive works of his Tide & Time collection, the new Droplet collection of limited edition miniature silver sculptures, was born.


  • Wood carvings should not be placed in direct sunlight, including in front of windows or areas of a room that receives direct sunlight.
  • Care also needs to be taken to ensure wood carvings are not placed in the line of direct heat from heaters / reverse cycle units.
  • Never use varnish on your carving, this is highly important for the longevity of your artwork. When varnish ages it needs to be sanded off before reapplying any other treatment and therefore will ruin the detail of your piece.
  • Only use non-tinted oil suitable for timber. I recommend Gilly’s Waxes & Polishes Australian Orange Oil Furniture Polish. It is readily available at Mitre 10 and is what I use to finish all my carvings.
  • As timber needs moisture to keep its lustre and prevent from cracking it is necessary to apply oil around every 12 months, or sooner if need.


  • Using a soft lint free clean cloth gently wipe the carvings surface free from all dust and particles. For delicate, detailed and hard to reach areas use a soft make-up brush or paint brush.
  • Pour the oil such as Gilly’s Waxes & Polishes Australian Orange Oil Furniture Polish into a clean container.  Using a fresh clean cloth or brush, as described above, coat the carving evenly with oil. Leave for 20 minutes and then wipe any excess oil off using a dry cloth.